Address today’s challenges by helping you deliver distribution model innovation and business resilience.

From strategy through to execution, we support our insurance clients to manage today’s challenges.  These challenges are increasingly driven by your current and future customers’ ever-changing expectations, where the cause and solution are digital innovation and disruption. Complexity is a negative expectation of customers – they want easier access and easier solutions.

read shepley can help you to adapt your distribution models, responding to feedback about how and why customers interact with you - whether those customers are business partners (brokers, coverholders, service providers, risk carriers, business customers),  or those who you want to reach at work (employees) or at home (consumers).

Our distribution solutions help you to:

Understand the real value of each customer contact by analyzing data and customer feedback across all distribution channels.

Map the gap between existing and preferred customer contact experiences.

Identify relevant and compliant digital distribution solutions which add value to your business and the customer by reducing multiple contacts.  These include the self-administration of new policies, adjustments, payments and claims.

Recognise how siloed automation of legacy processes may reduce the value for the customer and that by developing a longer term integrated vision for digital transformation and automation, minimizing customer frustration and complaints.

Coordinate customer contacts by developing closer omni-channel integration between face-to-face, phone and digital channels.

Case studies:

    retail general insurance target operating model

    turnaround of construction insurance business