Disruptions in the wider market are changing customer expectations of their insurance providers.

Insurance firms are facing growing demands by their customers for relevant products and services that add real value to them.  This demand is increasingly reflected by market regulations, enforcing both conduct and customer data compliance.

These demands create major growth opportunities for insurance firms and increasingly real-world data is available to exploit these opportunities.  Deciding which market and customer development opportunities to invest in, at a time of increasing regulatory costs and low investment returns, often creates organizational conflict. 

Our customer solutions will help you to:

Segment your customers based on their requirements and expectations. 

Identify and select the target markets you choose to serve, current and / or emerging markets.

Redefine your vision and position to deliver long-term performance based on a clear understanding of target customer expectations.

Delivering profitable propositions that add value to your target markets, including simplification of product design and process delivery.

Create differentiation in the market by identifying unique segments, products and / or processes that can transform your market position.

Use customer data to develop new and adapt existing propositions without breaching data and / or conduct regulation, such as GDPR and IDD.

Case studies:

    breakthrough research in UK pension saving

    general insurance run-off and services company transformation

    retail general insurance target operating model