Disruption across the insurance sector allows informed and nimble investors to buy businesses which have portfolios and opportunities that will deliver high growth and returns. Equally, opportunities exist for divestment, such as, where a business has ceased to be considered core by its current owner.

From a buy-side perspective, we have undertaken market scans to identify sub-sectors in the insurance sector, where there are latent opportunities to develop businesses and create substantial value once acquired.

Drawing on our marketing, operational and finance capabilities, we focus on developing go forward business strategies, supported by post-acquisition action plans, based on detailed analysis of the as-is state of the acquisition target. 

Our M&A services include:

'Buy Side' target identification and assessment.

Both commercial due diligence and financial due diligence, including dynamic assumption based valuation.

Financially-focussed business plans which project future portfolio growth and profitability.  Outputs include prospective profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, cashflows and capital projections.

Sensitivity and scenario analysis to anticipate the up-side and down-side risks inherent in any transaction.

Reserve adequacy and reinsurance program effectiveness reviews.

Input and review of information, memorandum input and review for investors.